Deferred Maintenance Costly for Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh Homeowners.

Palladium Window

Home owners, do you have a large Palladium style window above your entry foyer, family room or master bedroom? Have you noticed condensation build up between the sealed panes or can you no longer see clearly due to foggy windows. If cleaning both the interior and exterior panes don’t resolve the problem, chances are your windows have lost their protective seal and with it much of its insulating (R) value. This can mean a loss of heated or cooled air resulting in increased utility costs. Over time if left without repair or replacement, the continued condensation can act like a dripping faucet gradually causing the window trim and frame to rot and if allowed, water from the condensation could drip into the supporting walls causing mildew, rot and warping of the underlying structure including the framing, exterior siding and interior sheetrock. Of course, rotting water logged wood can also attract unwanted insect infestations that could cause further damage, remediation and expensive repairs.

You can imagine that the effect of deferring this type of repair can result in a very expensive repair project. As spring and warmer weather approach be sure to inspect your home to insure that minor repairs don’t turn into overwhelming and expensive projects that could devalue your property if not resolved before excessive damage is done.

If you’re thinking about selling your Chapel Hill, Durham or Raleigh area home or you’re a buyer looking to purchase in this area. Call me. I can provide valuable information and services that will assist you in your selling or buying decision.

Colin A. Moody REALTOR®, Broker, RCA, CREN

P.S. Over 80% of my business is accomplished through my personal relationships with people like you. If you do not presently have a real estate professional in mind that you would refer, I would love to be that person. I promise to provide anyone you send me with excellent service before, during, and after the sale.

Relocation Certified Agents (RCA)

Certified Real Estate Negotiator (CREN)

Gold Executive Council

HCo Properties

Phone: 919-400-5966

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