There’s Plenty of Good Mortgage Money Available

HouseIf you listen to the local and national news long enough, they would have you believe that getting a mortgage today is next to impossible.  Many potential clients may be discouraged from the process thinking they don’t have a chance to obtain the financing they need to buy a new home.  Well, I’m here to tell you that once again the media has it all wrong, there is a boat load of good mortgage money available at a time when the market has never been better for your buyers!

Now, certainly the playing field has changed somewhat.  If a home buyer has any one of or a combination of the following issues, they may have difficulty obtaining financing:

·        Poor credit history

·        No assets for down payment & closing costs (some exceptions still exist)

·        Very high total debt-to-income ratios

·        Unverifiable income


If you have a good job, can verify your income, have reasonable debts that you can handle, and have maintained a good credit profile, your chances of obtaining a mortgage are excellent,  and we have plenty of mortgage money to lend!  For these “traditional mortgage clients,” nothing has really changed.  As your mortgage partner committed to providing your clients with unmatched service, FM Lending Services continues to provide the following superior benefits:

·        A strong loan pre-approval that includes a tri-merge credit report and automated underwriting at no cost or obligation

·        A mortgage banker who fully controls your transaction from application to closing

·        A Direct Endorsement Lender for Government loans (FHA), as well as 100% financing options from VA and USDA

·        A convenient loan application process taken over the phone, in person, or via our secure web-based online loan application with mortgage professionals available to assist clients at their convenience including nights and weekends by appointment

·        Fast loan commitments and closing packages delivered early with consistent reliable funding every single time

So let your family and friends know that when it come to Colin Moody Realty Advantage, not only is there plenty of mortgage money available, but it’s ONE STOP AND YOU’RE HOME!


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